Timber in Douala Port – Wood Export Business is Growing in Douala

Timber in Douala Port

Douala is a coastal city located on the shores of the Wouri river in southwest Cameroon. It’s the economic capital of the country and also the largest city by both by population and area.

Among other things, Douala is famous for its seaport, officially called the Port of Douala, which happens to be a major commercial center in the country. A major part of the country’s exports, including timber export, is conveyed through the Douala seaport.

Timber in Douala Port is a growing business, with a number of prominent timber exporters delivering quality native wood species to buyers all around the world. Most of Cameroon’s local wood suppliers, as well as many from neighboring countries, use this Douala Port for timber export all over the world.

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Most of Cameroon’s local wood suppliers, as well as many from neighboring countries, use this Douala Port for timber export all over the world.

The port of Douala is said to have a prominent role in growing the timber export business in the country and the African continent. It also said to be a major fishing destination in the city, giving a boost to the fishing industry of Cameroon.

Besides timber export, the Douala port is also a major hub to the country’s international trade, including export and import, of cargoes of gasoline, fruits, bauxite, oil, metals, cocoa, among other things.

Being one of the largest seaports in Cameroon, Douala Port Wood Export is used for most of the country’s global trade. It has facilities to host a significant number of cargoes of different sizes, making it a perfect choice of big players like CameroonTimberExportSarl in Douala Port.

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As a major industrial center of Africa, Port of Douala also hosts a number of world-famous businesses, including factories producing soap, glass, plastic, palm oil, paper goods, etc. The port has a ship repairing and maintenance facility as well.

Timber in Douala Port for Export Business Cameroon

Timber export is one of the biggest industries and commercial sectors in Cameroon because of the high availability of good quality natural wood, timber, hardwood, softwood and wood logs.

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The Port of Douala, being a major international trade center of the country, plays a significant role in the growth of the timber industry. Most of the timber suppliers in and around the country use Douala Port Wood Export services for customers and businesses worldwide.

The port makes it easier as well as affordable for Cameroon timber manufacturers and exporters to supply their top quality timber to businesses around the world and drive the economic growth of the country.

Many exporters of sawn Timber  wood export industry, including CameroonTimberExport, use this port to ship their cargoes throughout the world.

Without the Port of Douala, it would have been nearly impossible for local wood suppliers in Cameroon to supply their wood to other cities, let alone other countries.

Thanks to the Douala Port, we at Cameroon Timber Export, are able to export our top quality Africa wood species to our clients all over the world, including countries like Vietnam, UAE, Canada, and others.