What Are the Most Expensive Wood in the World?

most expensive wood in the world

Wood is one of the most used natural resources in the world. It grows and is used everywhere. Depending on the availability and demand of wood, certain timber species can be more expensive than others.

There are a number of factors that determine the price of wood. These include demand, scarcity, strength, durability, usability, workability, etc. the more rare the wood, the more expensive it is likely to be, given that it has a good usability and high demand in the market.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most expensive woods in the world.

Top 6 Most Expensive Wood In The World

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African Blackwood


African blackwood is arguably the most expensive wood on the planet. It grows exclusively in dry savanna regions of central and southern Africa and is often completely black. The sapwood is pale yellow and clearly distinguishable from the heartwood that is exceptionally dark. The wood has a straight grain with fine, even texture. It has been rated as extremely durable and has high decay resistance but only moderate resistance to insects and borers.

Even though African Blackwood is not easy to work with, it has great demand because of its scarce availability. It is primarily used for making premium musical instruments such as guitars and clarinets, tool handles, and a variety of turned objects.


Ebony Sawn Timber

Gaboon Ebony or African Ebony is one of the most expensive wood in the world and can be sometimes even more costly than African Blackwood depending on the availability and demand in some regions. It is usually jet-black, with a straight grain. Ebony wood  is highly durable and has good resistance to termites and insect attacks.

Because of its high density and hardness, Ebony can be difficult to work with. Nevertheless, it remains high in demand, mainly because of the small size of the tree and high demand.

Lingam Vitae (Iron wood)

lingum vitae (iron wood)

Lingam Vitae, also known as Ironwood in some regions, is a tropical wood of trees of the genus Guaiacum. The heartwood is generally olive-brown or black in color, with an interlocked grain and a very fine texture. It is very durable and commonly used for outdoor purposes ranging from furniture making to tool handles, decorative items, bearings, and turned objects. The wood is very hard with good resistance to insect attack. It has high demand and rare availability, which makes it one of the most expensive wood in the world.



Bubinga is a hardwood found in Equatorial Africa. The heartwood color range from red to dark brown and has purple or black streaks. The grain is interlocked and the wood has a fine, uniform texture. Bubinga wood  is rated as moderately to very durable and is known to be resistant to termite and borer attacks. It is generally easy to work with. The timber price can range from moderate to high, depending on the availability and type.

Agar wood

agar wood is also one of the costliest wood in the world

Agar wood is premium wood found in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It’s primarily known for its distinct and pleasing aroma that is also known to have medicinal properties. In some regions, Agar wood can be costlier than gold, mainly because of its scarce availability. Common uses include fumigation of premises, making scents, etc.


Sandalwood is one of the most expensive wood in the world

Sandalwood is another expensive type of wood  known for its outstanding aromatic properties. The wood is considered religious in some parts of Asia, including India. Besides religious purposes, sandalwood is widely used for making perfumes. The wood smell and flavour last for many years. It’s not easily available and is rated as one of the most expensive timbers in the world.

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