How to Buy Best Quality Wood Directly from a Wood Supplier

buy wood directly from supplier
If you are a professional woodworker or retailer, you must know that the most profitable way to buy wood is straight from the supplier rather than a dealer or your local shop. When buying wood directly from the wholesale supplier, you won’t only get the best price but also may get better options to choose from.

But, finding a reliable wholesale supplier of timber can be more difficult than you would imagine. You cannot simply ask your local retailer or distributor for the contact of their supplier. So, the best you can do is research online and through common contacts to find the right supplier that can consistently deliver good quality wood at cheap rates.

Finding the Right Wood Supplier in Your Area

Unless you have good contacts in the wood industry, it will not be easy to find a good supplier of wood. Most of the top suppliers work through dealers and/or supply directly to retailers, which is convenient for them. Working with individual buyers or consumers is not feasible for them. So, even if you manage to find a reliable wood supplier, convincing him to supply wood directly to you rather than his dealer will be a different task in itself.

You can use the internet to research and find good suppliers of timber that export to your location. Alternatively, you can use woodworking forums and communities to ask for referrals from expert people who are already using the services of reputable wood suppliers in your region. Social media can also prove to be a good source to seek leads.

CameroonTimberExportSarl delivers to most countries in the world, including Malaysia, UAE, Iraq, Canada, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. We are a Cameroon-based top supplier and exporter of the best quality African wood and timber in a wide variety of species. We also supply directly to consumers, retailers and woodworkers at guaranteed lowest prices.

How to Buy Wood/timber Directly from Cameroontimberexportsarl

The process to buy the best quality African timber and logs directly from CameroonTimberExportSarl at the lowest price is simple. Just follow the steps below.

1. Use the contact form here to send your timber enquiries. Make sure to mention the size, species and quantity of wood that you want to buy. Alternatively, you can call us at +237 683 37 5541 to register your wood order directly or drop an email at

2. Once we receive your query, we’ll get back to you at the earliest to further discuss your requirements and other details like delivery, payments, etc.

3. We deliver to most countries around the world. So, you can place your order to receive wood directly to your location. We also take care of shipping and customs.

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