Types, Qualities and Uses of Timber Wood In Africa

Africa is known for its lush green forests and jungles expanded throughout the country. It also happens to be one of the biggest producers and exporters of industry-grade timber.

We, at CameroomTimberExport, are committed to bringing you the best quality timber, lumber and logs from over 20 wood varieties found in Africa and with delivery to all over the world.

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Today, we will talk about the 7 major types of timber wood found in our forests and supplies by CameroomTimberExport, along with their qualities (specifications) and uses.

Let’s give right in.

7 Major Types Of Wood Timber

1. Bubinga

Bubinga is a 130-15- ft tree which primarily grows in Equatorial Africa.

Specs: 130-150 ft tall, 3-6 ft trunk diameter, 56 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-red to a red-brown color, straight to interlocked grains, moderately to very high rot resistance

Uses: Being easy to work with, it is mainly used for constructing inlays, cabinetry, veneer, turning, furniture, tabletops and other specialty items.

Bubinga Timber Wood

2. Iroko

The distribution is limited to tropical Africa.

Specs: 100-130 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 41 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, yellow to medium brown color, large to very large pores, medium to coarse texture, interlocked grain, highly durable and resistant

Uses: Making of flooring, furniture, veneer, cabinetry, turned items, and boatbuilding.

Iroko Sawn Timber

3. Doussie

It mainly grows in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Specs: 80-120 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 50 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, reddish-brown (heartwood) or yellowish-white (sapwood) in color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, very durable.

Uses: construction and exterior millwork, cabinetry, furniture, boatbuilding, veneer, turned objects, flooring, docks, inlays, etc.

Bubinga Wood Timber

4. Sapelli

Sapelli, or Sapele, primarily grows in tropical Africa.

Specs: 100-150 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 42 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, golden to dark brown color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, moderately to very high decay resistance, cedar-like scent

Uses: Manufacturing of plywood, veneer, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, musical instruments, turned objects, and boatbuilding.

Sapelli Timber Wood

5. Moabi

Also known as African pearwood, it grows mainly in equatorial Africa.

Specs: 165-200 ft tall, 5-8 ft trunk diameter, 54 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-brown to reddish-brown color, straight to wavy grain, diffuse-porous, very durable, no odor

Uses: veneer, fine furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, and specialty items

6. Sipo

Sipo, or Utile, is grown in West and Central Africa.

Specs: 150-200 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 40 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, medium reddish-brown color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, moderately durable, cedar-like scent

Uses: veneer, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, turned objects, and boatbuilding

sipo wood

7. Padouk

Also known as African Padauk, it grows in Central and tropical West Africa

Specs: 100-130 ft tall, 2-4 ft trunk diameter, 47 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-orange to brown-red in color, straight grain, diffuse-porous, excellent decay resistance (high durability), faint odor

Uses: veneer, furniture, flooring, musical instruments, turned objects, and tool handles.

Padouk Timber Wood

Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are multiple other types of timber wood, such as Zingana, Okan, Bilinga, Okume, Azobe, etc., that you can purchase with us at CameroomTimberExport. We provide delivery to Europe, the Middle East and multiple other countries all over the world.