Beech Vs Pine Wood: Choosing the Best Wood for Your Project

beech vs pine wood
When looking to start a woodworking project, one of the hardest things in my opinion is choosing the right wood. And why not? There are so many options available when it comes to wood species that even the most experienced woodworkers can get easily confused.

So that you do not get confused when selecting wood for your project and to save your precious time, we will today talk about the two most favourable timber options for woodworking – Beech vs Pine wood.

What is Pine?

Pine is a softwood, one that is extensively used for making furniture and other projects. It is one of the low-cost furniture wood options and is suitable both for indoor and outdoor projects. Pine is easily and widely available all over the world at a comparatively low price.

Pine has many variants or species, namely Western White Pine, Eastern White Pine, Jeffrey Pine, Limber Pine, Red Pine, Spruce Pine, and others, only some of which are appropriate for industrial usage. Pine is light brown in color and has a straight grain with a medium texture. It is considered strong but is only moderately durable in terms of decay resistance. Pine is generally easy to work with. It is widely available and is less expensive than other furniture woods.

Common uses of pine wood include furniture, construction lumber, boxes, carving, crates, boatbuilding, plywood, and interior millwork.

What is Beech?

Beech is a hardwood and is found mainly in Europe, Asia, and some parts of America. The color is pale yellow or brown and turns darker with steaming. It has a straight grain and medium texture. In terms of durability, Beech is practically non-durable and has poor resistance to insects. It is easy to work with. Beech is preferred for non-expensive woodworking projects, as it is widely and easily available at an economical price.

Common uses of Beech wood include veneering, furniture, flooring, boatbuilding, lumber, cabinetry, plywood, turned objects, and musical instruments.

Beech Vs Pine Wood

One difference, as you may have noticed, between pine and beech is durability. Despite being a hardwood, beech is less durable than pine. Let’s talk about some other differences between these two kinds of furniture wood.


Pine has many possible applications and is used in a large variety of projects, including both industrial and domestic uses. In industries, pine is primarily used for making paper. Pine is easy to work with, shape and stain, which makes it suitable for use in interior projects such as furniture making, flooring, paneling, veneering, roofing, and window frames. It is moderately durable and has good rot resistance, which is why pine is also used in some exterior applications such as decking. However, direct contact with soil can cause decay or insect attacks in the wood.

Beechwood has low durability but it burns superbly, which is why the wood is extensively used as firewood. European beech is more dense and heavy and suitable for projects like furniture making, flooring, and construction. The natural sweetness of beech can add flavours when used for smoking foods. Beech is also commonly used for making guitar bodies, drums and other musical instruments. It is also considered one of the best timbers for making houses and log cabins.


Pine is light brown or yellowish with an occasional reddish hue. The sapwood is almost white. The wood color will darken with age. It has a straight grain with medium texture/

Beech is light pinkish in color and has a straight grain with a uniform texture. The steaming of wood can result in a darkened, reddish-brown color hue.


Pine is moderately durable and can withstand basic weather changes and moisture but will decay when in direct contact with soil or liquid. Beech is almost non-durable and cannot be used in places with direct exposure to sunlight and/or moisture.


Both pine and beech are easy to work with. Pine is soft, medium-dense and easy to cut with hand and machine tools. It glues, nails, screws and bends well. Beech bends and turns well and can be easily glued and finished.

Availability & Price

Pine is a sustainable wood, as it grows fast. It is also easily available at a low price and can be imported worldwide. Beech is not a sustainable wood because it has a long growth period of 10 years or more. The wood is, however, easily available and is not expensive.

How to Choose the Best Wood: Pine Vs Beech

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