Why Are Lumber Prices Increasing Constantly? Where to Buy Timber Cheap?

key reasons for increasing lumber prices

reasons for increasing lumber prices
As a woodworker or regular buyer of timber/lumber, you must have noticed that lumber prices are constantly increasing. In fact, the price of timber in some regions has nearly doubled in the past couple of years.

One obvious reason for this is the depleting supply of wood (forest strength) in most parts of the world. And then the demand for quality lumber is constantly increasing, which has also helped boost the wood price. Another not so common reason behind the recent lumber price increase is the COVID pandemic, which forced many lumber mills to shut down over the concerns of the infection spreading.

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Let’s bust the rumors first

If you’ve heard the rumor that the lumber  prices are increasing because producers are purposely shorting the supply, you are not alone. And believe me, there is not much fact in these rumours. In fact, most of the timber producers & suppliers we work with are doing their best to maintain the supply and keep the prices in check.

3 Key Reasons for Increasing Lumber Prices


#1 Limited Supply


As you may very well know, the amount of forestation around the globe is slowly but surely depleting. So, of course, the supply of timber is also reducing with time, which increases the price.

Also, in recent times, especially during the pandemic lockdown, a significant increase in DIY woodworking activities was reported, which gave a boost to the demand while the supply was further reduced because of the lockdown and temporary shutting of mills.


#2 Increasing Demand


As the world is slowly getting back to its feet after the COVID lockdown, there has been a substantial increase in construction activities, which has given a boost to the demand for construction lumber.

As per a trading economics report, new construction in the USA surged by 22.6% between May and June. As the housing market is booming after the pandemic, so is the demand for and price of housing timber.


#3 Speculators Buying with the Hope to Sell Expensive


Another key reason for increasing lumber prices is the role of speculators which is quite significant as well. Expecting the demand, many speculators started buying and storing timber well in advance so that they can sell it later at a high price. This further expanded the gap between lumber supply (availability) and demand.

So, how do I buy cheap timber without compromising on quality?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to buy cheap and good quality timber, we have the best solution for you.

At CameroonTimberExportSarl, we have our own forests in Douala, Cameroon that are approved for harvesting, of course, within the local harvesting rules. So, basically, we have an ample supply of fresh and top quality African timber almost always.

Because of the huge supply, we are able to keep our lumber prices low. If you are looking to buy wood or lumber in bulk, you can expect a further discount on standard rates. Contact us today to share your timber requirements and know the best price for your location.

Where to Find Best Quality Cheap Timber/Lumber in Africa?

where to find cheap lumber
where to find best quality cheap lumber in Africa

That’s a million-dollar question. And one with not an easy answer. 

Have you ever imagined if you could find a way to get cheap lumber for your woodworking business? It would probably solve a lot of problems and certainly increase your profits. But in order to do so you need to do a proper research before purchasing any cheap lumber from the online or offline market.

When looking for a way to find and buy cheap timber in Africa, you might have to do a lot of research. There are hundreds of timber sellers & exporters in Africa, but you should try & find the best low-priced timber supplier within the market.

Wondering when and where to buy cheap lumber/timber from in Africa?

CameroonTimberExportSarl is a leading supplier of top-African wood logs and timber available in a range of African timber species and sold at affordable/wholesale rates with worldwide delivery.

Whatever type of African hardwood timber you are looking to buy from anywhere in the world, you can buy it directly from CameroonTimberExportSarl – the largest supplier of industry-grade timber in Cameroon and one of the largest in Africa.

As the biggest supplier of raw African timber and logs, CameroonTimberExportSarl deals in all the top varieties and species of African wood. We supply cheap timber and logs of Teak, Azobe, Black Limba, Bilinga, Bubinga, Ebony, Ekop Naga, Doussie, Iron wood, Iroko, Ekop, Beli, Okan, Maobi, Mahogany, Makore, Okoume, Padauk, Ovangkol, Tali, Sapele, Rose wood, Zebrawood, Zebrano, and Wenge.

How to Buy Good Quality Inexpensive Timber/Lumber at in Africa

As I said, you might need to do your research in order to find out the best place and seller to buy cheap timber near you. Here are some tips you can follow along the way.

Buy Directly From the Seller

As far as possible, always buy your wood directly from the seller. This will not only help reduce the wood cost by eliminating the middleman commission but also ensure you get the best quality. Also, this makes the return process easier in case you are not 100% happy with the wood quality delivered.

Compare the Price

When looking to buy wood from a wholesale supplier, always compare your options rather than purchasing from the very first seller you come across. You can use search engines like Google or social media to find out about leading timber sellers in Africa and then compare their prices, quality, reviews, etc. to find out the best.

Quality over Quantity

In the end, if you have to choose between quantity and quality, always go with quality. In other words, do not compromise quality in the search of cheap timber for sale in Africa.

Global Delivery Of Cheap Lumber

If you are looking for cross-border delivery of cheap lumber, try & search for a seller that offers global wood delivery to your location. CameroonTimberExportSarl, for example, is a Cameroon-based company that exports African timber and logs to worldwide locations including UAE, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Also, we take care of customs and other legal requirements when supplying woods throughout the world.

To know more about CameroonTimberExportSarl services and timber options or to place your wood order now, visit cameroontimberexport.com.

Best Types of Wood for Woodworking (Softwood & Hardwood)

best types of wood for woodworking
best types of wood for woodworking

When you are looking to select the best types of wood for woodworking project, it’s also important to choose the right type. Wood can be broadly categorized into two types – softwood and hardwood.

Irrespective of their names, softwood and hardwood have some significant differences, which you can find here. True to their name, hardwoods are relatively denser and have better resistance to fire and damage. In terms of price, hardwoods are comparatively more expensive because of their limited availability and extensive usability.

Common examples of softwood include cedar, pine, fit, redwood, etc. Popular hardwood examples are Mahogany, teak, oak, and hickory.

Best Types of Softwood for Woodworking

Softwoods are generally good for most woodworking projects. These are produced from coniferous trees that grow fast and straight. Their low cost makes them a common choice for low to mid-price wood projects. Softwoods are also easier to find in almost all parts of the world.

We at CameroonTimberExportSarl export all top varieties of African softwood with delivery worldwide. Here are the most common types of African softwood you can buy from CameroonTimberExportSarl.


Pine is by far the best and one of the most used types of African softwood used for woodworking. All pine species are ideal for furniture making. One of the reasons Pine is preferred by most woodworkers is that it’s very easy to work with and carves easily.

You can purchase pine directly from your local wood store, however, if you are looking to buy pine in bulk for a woodworking project, it’s cost-effective to import top-quality pine from CameroonTimberExportSarl, the leading supplier of African wood.

Best Types of Hardwood for Woodworking

Hardwood is a more common type of wood preferred by woodworkers. Besides strength, they possess many other qualities such as high fire resistance and moisture resistance. The variety of colors and texture in hardwood make it look beautiful, especially in furniture making projects.

Following are some of the common hardwood timber and log varieties you can import directly at the best price from CameroonTimberExportSarl:


Mahogany is one of the most commonly used hardwoods for furniture making. Its reddish-brown color featuring medium texture makes it look exquisite. The high popularity and lack of availability make mahogany quite expensive wood to buy and use.

You can purchase Mahogany timber and logs in bulk at the best rates from CameroonTimberExportSarl to get delivery to your location anywhere in the world. Place your order today.


Oak is a hardwood that is widely used for making furniture, among other objects. African oak is strong and very durable. It’s also easy to work with, which makes it a common choice for woodworkers.

Buy the best quality African oak timber and logs at the best price from CameroonTimberExportSarl.


Teak continues to be one of the choicest types of wood for outdoor furniture. The African teak is hard and is super resistant to moisture, weather and heat. Not only it looks beautiful in its naturally golden-brown color but is also quite strong.

The rare availability of teak makes it very expensive. For the best deals on top quality African Teak timber and logs, visit CameroonTimberExport.com.

Other than the above wood species, you can also buy different types of hardwood varieties including afromosia, azobe, anigre, bilinga, bubinga, ebony, iroko, rosewood, sapele, and walnut at the best prices with home delivery from CameroonTimberExportSarl.

Africa’s Biggest Timber Exporter Countries

Africa's Biggest Timber Exporter Countries

Africa is one of the world’s largest exporters of timber and wood logs. In 2020 alone, the continent exported $3.4 billion worth of timber. Gabon, Cameroon, etc. are some of the leading African wood exporter countries.

If you are here, you probably want to know about the top African countries that export the most timber to the world. But before that, let’s take a brief look into the history of the African Timber Export industry.

Africa's Biggest Timber Exporter Countries

Timber Exports by Africa

The laws in most countries of Africa prevent the export of wood logs, which means only milled wood or timber is allowed to export.

Before 1990, Ivory Coast (country in West Africa) was the biggest exporter of tropical timber. However, the quantity of timber exported by the country gradually decreased over the years.

Ghana is also one of the largest African exporters of timber and has seen a rising trend in the export numbers in recent years. Other top exporters of African timber include Gambia, South Africa, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

However, if we talk about the best or leading exporters of timber in Africa during the modern period, Cameroon comes in the first place, closely followed by South Africa and Gabon.

Since the early 1990s, Gabon and Cameroon have been the biggest exporters of tropical timber in Africa and have substantially increased their timber export capacity over the years.

In 2020, Africa exported $3.4 billion worth of timber led by the following 10 countries:

1. Cameroon

In 2020, Cameroon became the top African exporter of processed wood, i.e. timber, with a record export worth $611.9 million in a year. It’s also one of the largest suppliers of timber in the Africa continent.

There are many leading timber suppliers & exporters in Cameroon, of which CameroonTimberExportSarl is the largest Cameroon-based timber supplier in terms of the quantity of timber it exports each year.

The company exports top-quality African round logs and African timber of a variety of African wood species to countries all over the world.

In addition, it also offers a range of woodworking related services, including brokerage, wood drying, wood processing, wood treatment, wood harvesting, wood transportation, and others.

2. South Africa

Besides being one of the largest countries in the African continent, South Africa is also one of the largest producers and exporters of African wood in the world.

In the last year, the country exported timber worth a total of $534.5 million, as per resources.

3. Gabon

Gabon has plenty of forest area, rich in high-quality timber with species ranging from Sipo to Tali, Tiama, Sapelli, Padouk, Okume and Okan.

The country is one of the largest exporters of valuable timber species in Africa. It exported a record $488.4 million worth of timber in the year 2020.

4. Congo

Congo is one of the biggest suppliers of timber. Most of the country’s timber is exported in the form of wood logs.

In 2018, Republic of the Congo produced approximately 1.849 million m³ of logs, while in 2020, the country-based timber companies exported timber worth $380.6 million.

5. Equatorial Guinea

With approx $283.3 million worth timber export in 2020, Equatorial Guinea stands at the fifth position in the list of the largest African exporters of timber in 2020.

Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country that is covered by dense tropical rainforest and produces a vast amount of timber.

6. Ghana

Ghana became the sixth largest exporter of timber in Africa by recording a total timber export worth over $203.9 million in 2020.

As of Jan 2016, Ghana has approximately 2.6 million hectares of forest reserve land, of which 715,000 hectares are used for natural timber production.

7. Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire is a West African country with plenty of rainforests. In 2020, the country created a record by exporting timber worth $116.8 million in just one year.

Teak is the main timber species produced and exported from Côte d’Ivoire.

8. The Gambia

The Gambia is a small West African country that is famous for its diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife. It’s also one of the largest exporters of timber in the African continent.

In 2020, the country exported timber worth $98.9 million.

9. Swaziland

Swaziland, commonly called by its regional name eSwatini, is a landlocked country in Southern Africa.

The county exported timber worth $91.5 million in 2020, becoming the ninth largest timber exporter in Africa.

10. Democratic Rep. Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country in Central Africa that houses the second-largest rainforest in the world.

The country reportedly exported timber worth $72.5 million in the last year.

For your trade enquiries and to place a timber order with CameroonTimberExportSarl, visit the website https://cameroontimberexport.com/

Okoume Plywood Properties, Uses and Best Place to Buy

What is Okoume?

If you want to know everything about what is Okoume plywood, how can we use it and the best place to buy it then you are in the perfect place.

What is Okoume?

What is Okoume?

Okoume is a well-known wood species that is commonly found in Central Africa and some other parts of the world. Okoume is largely used as plywood for making furniture and similar objects.

The wood is produced from the Okoume tree, which is typically 100-130 ft in height. It has straight to slightly wavy texture, which makes it look beautiful but less durable.

There is an interesting history behind the origin and name of Okoume. It’s an African hardwood tree that only grows in parts of Africa, including Central Africa (Gabon) and sold worldwide.

The tree has a huge trunk that can go up to 6 ft in diameter. It is taller than average and has a fast growth rate.

Okoume Plywood Properties: Quality, Size, and Thickness

It is wise to get an idea of the properties and varieties of Okoume plywood before buying one to ensure you get the best quality at the best price.

Okoume wood is available in both logs and timber form, both of which you can buy directly from CameroonTimberExport. While logs are standard round in shape, having custom lengths (in ft), timber can be made available in different shapes and sizes.

At CameroonTimberExportSarl, we have high-quality Okoume timber in two-sides as well as S4S moulding and custom thickness ranging from ⅛” to 1”.

Okoume Timber Available For Sale

Our Okoume timber is ready to be used as plywood or for any other woodworking projects.

  • Tree Size: 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall, 3-6 ft (1-1.8 m) trunk diameter
  • Average Dried Weight: 27 lbs/ft3 (430 kg/m3)
  • Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .35, .43
  • Janka Hardness: 400 lbf (1,790 N)
  • Modulus of Rupture: 10,870 lbf/in2 (75.0 MPa)
  • Elastic Modulus: 1,228,000 lbf/in2 (8.47 GPa)
  • Crushing Strength: 5,250 lbf/in2 (36.2 MPa)
  • Shrinkage: Radial: 4.6%, Tangential: 7.1%, Volumetric: 12.2%, T/R Ratio: 1.5

Large pores of Okoume make it not so durable and poorly resistant to insects and rot. Also, it must be protected with a layer of glue or some sealant to protect from moisture when used for boatbuilding. It is recommended to paint Okoume plywood with varnish to make it more resistant to environmental elements.

Okoume Plywood Applications: Where and How to use it?

The plywood is used for a variety of woodwork projects, ranging from furniture making, boat building, and building attractive wood items/objects. It is most commonly used for building boats and other lightweight wood items. Since it has a naturally beautiful and luxurious look, it is also used for making kitchen cabinets and modern furniture.

It is mainly used for building boats that are near-waterproof. That said, the wood is not exactly waterproof and needs a layer of adhesive or glue to make it water-resistant. Since it’s a strong hardwood and bends easily, it serves well for the purpose of boat building.

The lightweight and attractiveness of Okoume also make it ideal for a variety of woodworking projects, including furniture-making and refacing kitchen cabinets.

Where to Buy Okoume Plywood from (Best Price & Worldwide Delivery)?

Looking for the best place to buy Okoume plywood from, in your budget and required dimensions of size and shape? Visit CameroonTimberExportSarl.

We are a leading supplier and exporter of top-quality African wood timber and round logs and provide delivery all over the world. We deliver Okoume timber and plywood to merchants worldwide. Also, we guarantee the best price for African Okoume timber with the quickest delivery.

Okoume plywood price can vary depending on the quality, size and shipping cost. But, you can purchase the best and lowest priced Okoume timber from CameroonTimberExportSarl with quality guarantee. We have the highest standard Okoume wood available in both standard and custom sizes.

To place an order, send your enquiries using the contact form or give us a call on +237 683 37 5541.

Best Time of Year to Buy Lumber Wood in Africa

Best Time to Buy Lumber Wood in Africa
Best Time to Buy Lumber Wood in Africa

What is The Best Time to Buy Wood in Africa?

As they say, the best time to buy something is when you need it.

But, that’s not necessarily the case with buying wood. When buying wood, you need to consider a number of things, including the wood price, availability, purpose of buying, among others.

If you’re in Africa, Vietnam, UAE or any European country and looking forward to knowing the best time to buy some wood, you’re at the right place.

Here at CameroonTimberExport, we export quality African timber all over the world from our own wood mill located in Douala, Cameroon.

Being in the industry for over 30 years, we understand what type of wood is best for which purpose and what is the right time to buy it, both in terms of quality and price.

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Best Time to Buy Lumber, Timber, Wood in Africa

So, without further ado, let’s get on discussing the best time to buy lumber, wood in/from Africa.

Wood for Burning

If you are looking to buy some wood in order to store it now and burn later, say one year or so, you need to give the wood enough time to get dry. If you buy green now, keep it stored for say one year, it will get dry and then you can use it for burning. It’s also the most affordable option, as buying green now would be cheaper than buying dry wood later.

Buying hardwood lumber

If you have a manufacturing facility or furniture business and looking for the right time to buy hardwood, this is the right place for you. As a wood-based manufacturing facility, it’s important for you to keep a good stock of wood so as not to disrupt production.

But, at the same time, you need to consider the appropriate time to purchase the wood based on the price and availability.

Being in the industry for many years now, we always advise our customers to regularly purchase hardwood lumber or as time allows them. However, if you are looking for the most convenient and profitable time for wood purchase, you need to learn to “time” the market.

What it means is you need to understand the market in terms of demand & availability and how it affects the price. Based on that, you can buy wood and store as and when convenient for you.

Nature’s Finest African Wood For Sale! 
Order Wood Now!

On the other hand, if you prefer to buy wood as & when needed, you must make sure that your supplier is reliable and can make the lumber available for you at the time you need it and at the best market price. Of course, building such relationships take time.

We are a reputable and trusted timber wood supplier based in Cameroon and know for our best-price & high-quality timber wood species.

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Now (Fall) is the best time to buy lumber wood in Cameroon (Africa). Here’s why.

If you are someone looking to buy African wood, now would be the correct time to purchase. The rain is already over and the roads are dry, which makes it easy for workers to get in & out of the forest in order to fetch the best quality wood for processing.

The season after rain is usually the best time of year to buy lumber, wood in Africa, particularly in Cameroon. The wood is green and the price is quite competitive, so you can buy it now and keep it stored to be used later.

African wood is usable in a range of industries and for every purpose, from manufacturing, construction, firewood, flooring, and more.

To know more, feel free to reach us at Cameroontimberexport.com

All You Need to Know About Wood (Timber/lumber) Exporters in Canada

Know about Wood (Timber/Lumber) Exporters in Canada
Know about Wood (Timber/Lumber) Exporters in Canada

Canada is one of the countries which imports its wood from all over the world, including Africa.

While Canada itself is rich in forests and natural, most of the local Canadian wood produced in the country is either exported to other countries or used in local manufacturing/construction jobs.

Canada also imports some fine wood species in Lumber and log forms from countries like Africa. CameroonTimberExport is one of the top timber exporters in Canada.

Types of Wood Exported to Canada

Canada is a major importer and consumer of industrial softwood (timber), which is mostly exported from African countries.

Other than construction, African timber is primarily used for making furniture and other wooden items by merchants in Canada.

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The following types of wood are most commonly exported to businesses in Canada.

Yellow Pine: This is a hardwood commonly found in Africa, United States, etc. Depending on the origin, yellow pine might range in hardness from less dense (western yellow pine) to more dense (southern yellow pine). It is used for building plywood and lumber (exported to Canada).

Hem-Fir: One of the most used woods in Canada, Hem Fit is very strong and durable, which makes it perfect for contribution purpose as well as for building structural components. CameroonTimberExport is leading exporter of Hem-Fir lumber in Canada.

Red Cedar: It is a common wood that tends to be reddish-brown in color. Canadian wood is highly resistant to decay and rot. It is mainly used for making fence posts, outdoor furniture, bows, pencils, etc. by merchants in Canada.

Oak: Oak is one of the most famous wood species which is used for many purposes including construction and furniture making. It is available in many varieties, as CameroonTimberExport exports all varieties of Oak to Canada.

Maple: Maple is primarily used for making industry-grade timber to be used in making baseball bats, bowling pins as well as firewood. Maple wood grown in Africa is exported to Canada by CameroonTimberExport.

Why Is Cameroontimber Export the Best Timber/lumber Exporter in Canada?

CameroonTimberExport is the leading manufacturer and exporter of the top-quality, industry-grade African and Canadian wood with delivery to many cities in Canada.

We produce wood in our local forests in Cameroon and process them at our plant in Lumber/Timber wood. We sell timber wood and soft wood in Canada at wholesale prices and provide delivery to all over the region.

If you are a buyer or importer of African timber/lumber, here’s why you should buy from CameroonTimberExport.

Top-quality wood

Rest assured, we will deliver only the best quality Canadian wood processed by our skilled woodworkers and checked by our team.

Best prices

We offer the best African wood timber at the most affordable prices in the area. More discounts can be offered for bulk/wholesale orders.

Many wood varieties

As you can see, at CameroonTimberExport, we produce and export more than 22 varieties of wood timber/lumber and logs.

Supply to multiple locations

We export wood to many locations in Canada, so wherever you are in the country, we can deliver the best quality timber directly to you.

Types, Qualities and Uses of Timber Wood In Africa

Types of Timber Wood

Africa is known for its lush green forests and jungles expanded throughout the country. It also happens to be one of the biggest producers and exporters of industry-grade timber.

We, at CameroomTimberExport, are committed to bringing you the best quality timber, lumber and logs from over 20 wood varieties found in Africa and with delivery to all over the world.

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Today, we will talk about the 7 major types of timber wood found in our forests and supplies by CameroomTimberExport, along with their qualities (specifications) and uses.

Let’s give right in.

7 Major Types Of Wood Timber

1. Bubinga

Bubinga is a 130-15- ft tree which primarily grows in Equatorial Africa.

Specs: 130-150 ft tall, 3-6 ft trunk diameter, 56 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-red to a red-brown color, straight to interlocked grains, moderately to very high rot resistance

Uses: Being easy to work with, it is mainly used for constructing inlays, cabinetry, veneer, turning, furniture, tabletops and other specialty items.

Bubinga Timber Wood

2. Iroko

The distribution is limited to tropical Africa.

Specs: 100-130 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 41 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, yellow to medium brown color, large to very large pores, medium to coarse texture, interlocked grain, highly durable and resistant

Uses: Making of flooring, furniture, veneer, cabinetry, turned items, and boatbuilding.

Iroko Timber Wood

3. Doussie

It mainly grows in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Specs: 80-120 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 50 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, reddish-brown (heartwood) or yellowish-white (sapwood) in color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, very durable.

Uses: construction and exterior millwork, cabinetry, furniture, boatbuilding, veneer, turned objects, flooring, docks, inlays, etc.

Bubinga Wood Timber

4. Sapelli

Sapelli, or Sapele, primarily grows in tropical Africa.

Specs: 100-150 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 42 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, golden to dark brown color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, moderately to very high decay resistance, cedar-like scent

Uses: Manufacturing of plywood, veneer, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, musical instruments, turned objects, and boatbuilding.

Sapelli Timber Wood

5. Moabi

Also known as African pearwood, it grows mainly in equatorial Africa.

Specs: 165-200 ft tall, 5-8 ft trunk diameter, 54 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-brown to reddish-brown color, straight to wavy grain, diffuse-porous, very durable, no odor

Uses: veneer, fine furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, and specialty items

Moabi Wood Timber

6. Sipo

Sipo, or Utile, is grown in West and Central Africa.

Specs: 150-200 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 40 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, medium reddish-brown color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, moderately durable, cedar-like scent

Uses: veneer, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, turned objects, and boatbuilding

Sipo Timber Wood

7. Padouk

Also known as African Padauk, it grows in Central and tropical West Africa

Specs: 100-130 ft tall, 2-4 ft trunk diameter, 47 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-orange to brown-red in color, straight grain, diffuse-porous, excellent decay resistance (high durability), faint odor

Uses: veneer, furniture, flooring, musical instruments, turned objects, and tool handles.

Padouk Timber Wood

Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are multiple other types of timber wood, such as Zingana, Okan, Bilinga, Okume, Azobe, etc., that you can purchase with us at CameroomTimberExport. We provide delivery to Europe, the Middle East and multiple other countries all over the world.

What Is The Difference Between Hardwood And Softwood?

The Differences Between Hardwood And Softwood

When it comes to types of wood, it can be divided into two major types – Softwood and Hardwood. The Differences Between Hardwood And Softwood lies in their origin, physical structure, quality and uses.

Simply categorizing hardwood as hard and softwood as soft is not the best approach. Even though it is true that hardwood is relatively more durable harder, there are some exceptions.

Nature’s Finest Hardwood And Softwood Available For Sale! 
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In this article, we will discuss the various difference between softwood and hardwood and which type of wood is the best for which purpose.

The Differences Between Hardwood And Softwood

Here are the top hardwood vs softwood differences

Difference Type Hardwood Softwood
Origin Hardwood is produced from angiosperm trees or flowering plants that are not monocots. Leaves of these trees are broad and usually fall off during autumn and winter. Softwood, on the other hand, comes from gymnosperm species which have needles and cones in place of leaves. Their needles stay intact throughout the year.
Seeding Hardwood trees produce seeds. Softwood trees Don’t produce seeds.
Density Hardwoods typically have a higher density (but not in all cases) Softwoods have a lower density.
Fire Resistance Hardwoods are more resistant to fire and easily burns. Softwoods are not fire resistant.
Damage Resistance The lack of resin in the hardwood makes it more resistant to common damages like scratches. Softwoods are however prone to such damages.
Growth rate The growth rate of hardwood trees is comparatively lower. Softwood trees grow more in less time and get more dense.
Health Effects Hardwood have lower odor emissions which make them safe to use. Softwoods have a higher odor emission rate which makes them not a very healthy choice as they increase the probability of asthma attacks and other allergies.
Cost Hardwood is usually more expensive. Softwood is less expensive.

Uses Of Hardwood And Softwood

Below we mentioned the top uses of hardwood and softwood in different sectors.

Hardwood Softwood
Hardwood is primarily used for making high-quality flooring, furniture, decks and other construction for long-term purpose. Softwood is more popular as timber because of its low cost. It is mainly used in the construction of windows, doors, furniture items, paper, etc.
Making boats and ships
For tanning leather
Furniture making
Fencing, gates
For timber frames of buildings
Home woodworking projects
Flooring, roofing
Structural framing
Furniture and cabinets
Panelling and cladding

Examples Of Hardwood & Softwood

Here are some examples of hardwood and softwood trees. Let’s Check out the list:

Hardwood trees Softwood trees
Alder, hickory, mahogany, balsa, beech, maple, teak, oak, and walnut. Cedar, juniper, pine, Douglas fir, redwood, yew, and spruce.

As you can see, both hardwood and softwood have their respective uses and a wide range of applications. Both types of wood are used as timber and round logs in many applications.

CameroonTimberExport provides worldwide supply of top-quality hardwood and softwood timber and round logs. Contact right away to discuss your requirements.

The Different Types Of Wood And Their Uses For WoodWorking

Different Types Of Wood And Their Uses

Wood is one of the natural resources that is produced from forests. It is used in both personal and industries works. There is different types of wood are available which can be used for many purposes. Some of the most common uses of wood are for furniture making, home construction, firewood, picture frames, etc. Countries like Africa and Canada where there is a healthy quantity of dense forests are the prominent exporters of the usable wood.

When it comes to varieties or types of wood for woodworking, there are a lot. Some types of wood are region-specific while others are globally found. Today, we will learn about the top five types of wood that are used almost everywhere in the world. Now we will discuss the different types of wood and their uses.

5 Different Types of Wood and And Their Uses

1. Teak

Teak is one of the most popular wood types for building outdoor furniture and other outer parts of a building. A tropical hardwood, teak is found in most places around the world, with India, Indonesia and Bangladesh being the top producers.

The freshly milled teak wood has a smell similar to that of leather. The wood is found and used in two major formats – Teak sawn timber and Teak round logs.


The strong water resistance and durability features of teak make it suitable for the following types of work:

  • Boat building,
  • Outdoor furniture construction,
  • Home exterior building,
  • Veneer,
  • Carving,
  • Board cutting,
  • Indoor flooring and furnishing,
  • Turnings, etc.

Teak Wood Logs

Teak Wood Logs

Teak Sawn Timber

Teak Sawn Timber

2. Tali

Known for its high bending, strength and stability, Tali wood is a native to Central and West Africa. The heartwood is originally yellow to brown-red in color and gets darker with time and exposure. The interlocked grains of Tali make it strong and highly durable.

The wood is quite easy to work with, both for hand and machine projects. Tali round logs as well as Tali sawn timber are used in home and industrial constructions.


Because of its durable nature, Tali is mostly used for exterior wood projects like –

  • Home flooring
  • Harbor and dock work
  • Construction of house and bridges
  • Joinery
  • Building boats
  • Turnings
  • Railway sleepers
  • Marine construction

Tali Wood Logs

Tali Wood Logs

Tali Sawn Timber

Tali Sawn Timber

3. Doussie

Doussie is a Fabaceae (legumes) family wood produced from a tree called Afzelia which is native to Asia and tropical Africa. The wood is exported and used all over the world in both timber and round log forms. It is red-brown in color and is very durable.


Common applications of Doussie wood include –

  • Veneer making
  • Furniture construction
  • Cabinetry work
  • Turned objects
  • Docks and boat building
  • Exterior construction and millwork
  • Home flooring and other small wood items

Doussie Wood Logs

Doussie Wood Logs

Doussie Sawn Timber

Doussie Sawn Timber

4. Padauk

Padauk, or commonly known as African padauk because of its origin, is a Fabaceae family wood produced from the pantropical genus of trees. The wood is typically brownish red in color and has an excellent decay resistance.


Padauk sawn timber is used for construction work while Padauk round logs are used in industries. Other uses include

  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Tool handles
  • Veneer
  • Turned objects
  • Carving and turnings
  • Musical instruments

Padauk Wood Logs

Padauk Wood Logs

Padauk Sawn Timber

Padauk Sawn Lumber

5. Mahogany

Mahogany is a straight-grained timber wood found in America and some parts of Africa. The wood is used in round log and timber forms and exported throughout the world.


Some typical applications of Mahogany wood include

  • Boat building
  • Furniture
  • Musical instruments and stereo parts
  • Writing Pens
  • Billiard and pool cues
  • Floors
  • Doors

Mahogany Wood Logs

Mahogany Wood Logs

Mahogany Sawn Timber

Mahogany Sawn Timber

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