List of International Export Timber Prices (Famous Cameroon Timbers with Cost and Images)

export timber prices

Cameroon Timber Export is a leading provider of the best-in-class African wood timber and logs at affordable rates in the Cameroon area. We also provide timber export services to a number of countries in Europe and Asia and to all the GCC countries. As for the prices of our top-quality timber and wood logs, you can be assured of getting the best material at the most basic prices. Check out more details of international export timber prices below.

Our International Export Timber Prices

Following is the list of prices of our sawn timber and logs. The price of both timber and log of the same wood species is the same. The price list below is CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight), that means the cost is inclusive of shipping freight, which will be handled by the seller.

Timber Species Export Timber Prices(In Cubic Meter) Timber Images
Tali 380$/m3 Tali
Pachy 400$/m3 Pachy
Iroko 360$/m3 Iroko Wood Logs
Sapelli 410$/m3 Sapelli Wood Logs
Azobe 350$/m3 Azobe Wood Logs
Doussie 450$/m3 Doussie Wood Logs
Padouck 390$/m3 Padauk Wood Logs
okume 300$/m3 Padauk Wood Logs
Bubinga 600$/m3 Bubinga Wood Logs
Okan 370$/m3 Okan Wood Logs
Bilinga 380$/m3 Bilinga Wood Logs
Muabi 360$/m3 Moabi Wood Logs

Note: Above mentioned prices are negotiable at
The prices denoted above are in m3 (meter3) unit which means per cubic meter. As you can see, the price of different wood species is different, with Bubinga being the costliest wood priced at 600$ per meter cube. Okume, on the other hand, is the lowest price wood which you can buy at half the price of Bubinga.

The prices given above are per meter cube of the specific wood. The exact price of the timber/log could be determined based on the dimensions provided by clients. For example, if you want to buy Azobe timber in (5*1*0.5) m3 dimension, it will cost you $875.

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Uses of Timber in Construction, Furniture and Sheds

Uses Of Timber In Construction

Uses Of Timber In Construction

Timber, also commonly referred to as Lumber in American English, is a processed wood that is in the ready form to be used for construction purpose. Timber trees are primarily grown for use in carpentry and buildings. They are found in a wide variety of species.

Timber is supplied in two main forms rough-sawn timber and surfaced or finished timber where one or more faces of the planks are finished.

Cameroon Timber Export, a Douala Cameroon based wood supplier, provides the retail and wholesale supply of all the popular species of sawn timber including both hardwood and softwood types. Our timber is suitable to be used in any type of construction and also for building furniture and sheds.

We have described the best uses of timber in construction in detail in this article but first let us understand a bit more about timber.

What Is Timber In Construction?

What is timber in construction

As we mentioned above, the primary uses of timber is in construction of houses, buildings, furniture, etc. While most species of the timber are hardwoods, there are also some softwood timber species such as red pine and white pine. Both of these are usable in construction works.

Finished timber is mainly used in the construction industry, while rough timber acts as the raw material for making furniture and similar items. Finished timber, primarily softwood, for the construction of houses is usually available in standard sizes.

Some examples include pine, spruce, fir, hemlock, and cedar. Some hardwood timber species are often used for building high-grade flooring. However, a major part of construction timber, around 80% of it, is taken from softwood species.

Top Uses Of Timber In Construction

The uses of timber in construction are not new. Softwood timber comes from Conifers (or Evergreen) trees such as Pine, Chir, etc. Hardwood, on the other hand, is taken from Deciduous (or Broadleaf) trees like Teak and Shisham. Both have different qualities and are therefore usable for different types of construction work.

Good quality construction timber should have the following properties:

  • Should be dark in color
  • Should be hard and have shining appearance when freshly cut
  • Should be durable and have good resistance against chemicals, insects, and fungi
  • Should not have any serious defects
  • Should be somewhat resistant to fire
  • Should be strong enough to withstand mechanical wear or abrasions
  • Should have elasticity
  • A good quality timber should have a pleasant smell
  • Should be uniform
  • Should offer resistance against shocks and vibration
  • The higher the timber weight, the stronger it is
  • Should be easy to work with

How To Buy Timber For Furniture Making?

Now the question is that how you can buy timber for furniture making? What are some good sources to buy the timber online?

How To Buy Timber For Furniture Making

So here is your answer, Before buying any timber for construction of furniture making, one should take it properly for quality and strength. Besides the above-mentioned properties of the timber itself, you should purchase only from a trustworthy supplier.

Cameroon Timber Export specializes in the retailing, wholesaling and international supply of top-quality construction timber of the best African wood species. Our service and products include timber for sheds, timber forest products, timber for furniture, construction timber, etc, in a wide variety of top softwood and hardwood species.

What Is The Difference Between Timber And Lumber?

Difference Between Timber And Lumber

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The word Timber and Lumber are often used synonymously with one another. And you would be surely forgiven to use any of the two words you prefer but there is still a key difference between timber and lumber.

While Timber is wood that is still erect and coupled to the ground, lumber is the processed piece of wood which is accurately measured too. In simpler terms, ‘Lumber is processed timber’. Continue reading “What Is The Difference Between Timber And Lumber?”